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Lavender Foods

Lots of gift ideas for the serious lavender lover.


Cooking Lavender 25gms

Probably the most versatile of culinary herbs, organic lavender has been used over the centuries in an extraordinary range of culinary delights. Up until the 20th century it was in many ways more popular than rosemary.

Price: 2.50

Indeed, for all those savoury dishes that call for rosemary, think lavender instead for a completely unique alternative flavour

Lavender Chocolate

Everyone who loves chocolate will love these delicious chocolate truffles. A great stocking filler.

Price: 3.99

Lavender Essence

Price: 4.50


Blackberry Jam & Cooking Lavender

A delicious food combination - try it!!

Price: 7.50


Lavender Fudge & Cooking Lavender

Stuck for a gift idea. Now you've found it.

Price: 8.50

Lavender Honey & Lavender Jelly

A great gift set of two unusual lavender delights. 

Price: 7.50

Lavender Mustard.

A MUST for mustard lovers, and definitely something for all to try.

Price: 1.99

Lavender Honey.

A delicacy produced by some wonderful bees in the Cotswold's. Quite scrumptious!!

Price: 3.50

Versailes Tea.

Herbal teas (tisane) are naturally caffeine-free and low in calories, they are popular for their medicinal and calming qualities. Lavender is a very special tisane which has calming effects that helps relieve stress, reduces fatigue, detoxify kidneys, relieve headaches, calm nerves. 

Price: 4.00


It can be mixed with other teas to add a distinctive aroma and taste. This is a great gift for any tea lover or maybe just for yourself.

Versailes Tea in a Gold Caddy

The same great tea, but in an opulent Gold Caddy, as befits the grandeur of the Palace of Versailes itself. A must for the serious connoisseur.

Price: 4.50


Lavender Jelly

Hand made - Traditionally to accompany game, delicious on scones in sponge cakes or trifles.

Price: 3.25


Lavender Fudge

A lovely, creamy fudge that melts...mmm...

Price: 4.50

Lavender Mug

A beautifully decorated china mug. 

Price: 5.99

Lavender & Rose scented candle.

This deliciously scented candle is 100% organic wax made from a natural sustainable plant source & contain no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products. Great for you and for the environment.

Price: 4.00

Lavender White Candle

An attractive white candle with the heady scent of lavender, ahh, memories of the summer garden.

100% organic wax.

Price: 5.00

Lavender Bags

Everyone's favourite, lavender bags. 

Keep your smalls fresh!!

Per bag.

Price: 3.50


Postage & Packing is charged at 3.50 on orders up to 80, then free for order over 80.

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